Steady Days
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"Both inspirational and calming, energizing and relaxing, Steady Days provides realistic tips that challenge mothers without making us feel overwhelmed. I loved reading this book; the concepts make so much sense! From small steps to creating a daily routine, to encouragement to become a more contagious mother, Jamie Martin has crafted a stellar handbook for moms in need of affirmation." - Tsh Oxenreider, writer and editor of the popular blog and founder of

"We’re all busy. We all wish we had more time to spend with our children. And we wish the time spent with our children was less harried, more meaningful, and more playful. Steady Days helps you achieve those goals. Read this wonderful book—it’s worth it, for you and your children!" - Jennifer Trainer Thompson, author of The Joy of Family Traditions: A Season-by-Season Companion to 400 Celebrations and Activities
"Jamie Martin has mapped out an honest and personal approach to managing the complexities of modern family life. Her thoughtful and understanding manner will have parents and caregivers alike wanting to learn more about her ideas for building a steady and loving family." - Rae Grant, author of Crafting Fun: 101 Things to Make and Do with Kids and Cooking Fun: 121 Simple Recipes to Make with Kids

"After reading this book I have walked away with not only many tools to create a smoother day for my children, but more importantly a greater sense of purpose for my days. Jamie gives insight into the 'bigger picture' of time spent with young children and she has empowered me to mother intentionally, rather than dragging through the day wondering what to do next." - Jill T., Professional Mother of Three and Early Childhood Educator - Southington, Connecticut

"Steady Days challenges in a way that makes the reader feel empowered, not incompetent." - Caroline R., Professional Mother of Two, Teacher, and Writer - Houma, Louisiana

"I so badly wish someone had handed me Steady Days before I brought my first child home from the hospital. It should be 'standard issue' for new moms, especially those used to being professionals." - Robyn P., Professional Mother of Nine and Founder of ViveVita - Charlotte, North Carolina

"Jamie is much of the reason and inspiration for what I feel I am able to accomplish each day. She helped me think about 'professionalizing' my home life just like I did my life in the corporate world. I feel I've become more intentional at home with my children because of her example, and I have enjoyed time with my kids even more because of her great ideas." - Tara R., Professional Mother of Two and Founder of The Momentum Group - Boise, Idaho

"Steady Days is well-written, clear, and useful to 'transform mothering, one family at a time.' Can I have a do over with my kids?" - Jill M., Professional Mother of Three Grown Children and President of Strategies for Living Unlimited - Palm Coast, Florida
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