Steady Days
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Jamie Martin is on a journey to become an intentional, joyful, and professional mother to her young children: Trishna, Jonathan, and Elijah.

She immersed herself in motherhood by adding all three of her children to the family in less than three years.

The ensuing challenges (and occasional chaos!) sent Jamie on the lookout for ways to parent with purpose and professionalism. The practical tools and ideas in Steady Days are the result of that effort.
Jamie’s passion is children, both her own and those in need around the world. This has been an ongoing theme in her life, beginning with her work with special needs children as well as her family's involvement in international adoption and their current efforts toward abolishing child sex slavery through the charity Love146.

Currently Jamie spends her days with her three little people growing, exploring, and learning together. Find out more and follow along with Jamie’s journey at her blog, Steady Mom.
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